About Digit Payroll | A New Jersey Payroll Company
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About Us

Everything you'll need in a payroll service.

Our Story


Everything you’ll need in a payroll service.


We believe that it is trust that binds us to our clients. To secure this trust, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a level of service and responsiveness that is unparalleled in the industry.

Every aspect of payroll

Because Digit is a full-service company, we can handle every aspect of your payroll needs, whether you currently generate payroll internally or employ another service.

We can do it for less

Digit can do your payroll for less than what you are spending right now.







History of Digit Payroll, a New Jersey Payroll Company

“Early in my career I worked for accounting firms that regularly recommended outsourcing payroll functions to large payroll companies.  These recommendations seemed logical at the time as outsourcing payroll was relatively inexpensive especially since it removed the complicated burdens of processing payroll.

While working for a small New Jersey CPA firm, I found that a portion of the time I spent making monthly visits to my clients was spent correcting errors made by these large payroll companies.  Most routine functions seemed to be processed correctly, however many year-end special payroll adjustments and other non-routine payroll issues often ended up on my plate rather than being handled by the payroll service.  As time passed, two things became clear.  First, I was correcting more and more outsourced payroll company errors.  Second, clients were beginning to ask me to prepare all of their payroll rather than deal with the ever increasing number of errors from the large service bureaus.

About this time, my friend Bob Higley and I started brainstorming about starting a NJ payroll company.  After some discussion we came to the conclusion that small and mid-sized businesses in New Jersey and surrounding states needed a payroll company that catered to their specific needs.  The big payroll corporations did not offer personal service or well-trained employees that could engage business owners on an equal plane or provide practical guidance.  Digit Payroll was created in 1993 with a total of 10 clients. 

Over 20 years and 2,900 clients later, the same initial philosophy prevails. Our people provide expert, accurate, personalized service for businesses of any size.  All of our payroll specialists have at least 10 years of experience in accounting and/or payroll functions.  We have employees that have been with us since the beginning and we have never lost a full-time employee in 18 years!  You can be confident we will provide consistent service today and tomorrow.  Unlike many of our competitors, we invest in new technologies so that we can provide you with faster and more efficient service.  By comparison, one of the giants in the industry, a Fortune 500 company, still uses a 20 year old computer system.


In many ways Digit Payroll is just like your company.  We are a small business that competes against and outshines it’s much larger competitors.  Let us show you the difference we can make for your business.”



Richard L. Frotton